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About Us

MyAssist offers roadside assistance service, anytime, anywhere.

Our staff and technician are dedicated and have more than 10 years experience in road assistance services such as battery change, tyre change, car inspection, fuel delivery and vehicle towing. With a fleet of 30 vehicles and support from 490 panels all over Malaysia, we are confident we can deliver the best services to you.

Our dedicated support team ensures all your calls will be attended immediately.





Car Inspection

Fuel Delivery

Towing Services

Car Servicing On The Go

Jump-start your car

Car won’t start? Flat battery? Our professionals will deliver and install a new one for you from as low as RM215*

*RM215 is only applicable for peninsular Malaysia. Price for Sabah and Sarawak upon request basis. Price stated is inclusive of delivery and installation.

Nationwide Coverage
24 hours 365 days availability
2 Hours Prior for Online Booking Required.
Emergency Booking hotline: 03-7664 8088
45 minutes delivery for emergency request (depending on traffic and breakdown location)

Tyre changing

Punctured tyre? Let us do the dirty job for you. We will help you change from your flat to your spare tyre.

Car Inspection

You can’t come to us? We will go to you! We can provide the convenience and hassle-free door-to-door vehicle inspection services for you.

Fuel Delivery

Ran out of fuel? No worries! We will deliver it to you.

Towing Services

Need towing service? We can connect you to our trusted tow truck technicians. We understand how frustrating and dangerous car breakdowns are and we aim to reach you within 60 minutes once we received your request.

Car Servicing On The Go

Busy schedule? No time to service your car? We’ll come to you! We provide mobile car service at your convenience.
Complimentary 30 points inspection upon every service session.
Available in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Johor Bahru and Pulau Pinang.
2 Days Prior Booking Required.
8am to 7pm (Mondays – Fridays)
Johor Bahru 8am to 7pm (Sundays – Thursdays)
Booking hotline: 03-7664 8088

Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

What kind of services MyAssist can provide?

We provide:
Jump start service
Battery change service
Tyre change service
Petrol delivery service
Unlocking car service
Towing service

What should I do while waiting for MyAssist technician to arrive?

Switch on the hazard lights indicator, put the warning triangle few feet behind your car and stay safe.

How do we recognise your technicians?

We will inform you of the identity and registration number of our technician’s vehicle. Also, there will be a sticker of the MyAssist logo on the vehicle.

Will your technician come if it is raining?

Yes, we will be there for you no matter the weather condition.


Are there any other cost when delivering battery?

We only charge for the battery. Installation and delivery is free.

If my old car battery is still usable but weak, what will you do?

After checking, if jump start is needed, we can provide that service for you.

Are there warranties to the battery you provide?

Yes, all batteries we provide will have a I* year warranty all over Malaysia.
( * 1 year nationwide warranty applicable for private vehicle and 6 months warranty for commercial and diesel vehicle. This warranty only applicable if battery is purchased from MyAssist. )

Towing Service

Can I tow my car to any car workshop that I like?

Yes, as long as it is within Malaysia.

How far can MyAsisst tow my car?

We can tow your to anywhere within Malaysia, as long as it’s assessible by road. Thus, if you need to tow your car from one state to another, such as from Malacca to Johor, we can do that as well.


Can I pay for the service at the breakdown location?

Yes, we do offer COD (cash on delivery) or instant bank transfer.

Can I pay with credit or debit card?

Currently, we only accept cash or instant bank transfer. We will be working towards adding other payment methods soon.

MyAssist Car Servicing On The Go promotion – FAQ

Is this promotion open to all?

No. This promotion is available to all MYEG Auto insurance customers only.

When does this promotional period end?

It is ongoing until further notice.

Do you offer other brands of engine oil?

Yes .
The package comes with GP Semi Synthetic Engine Oil.
Petronas Semi / Fully Synthetic Engine Oil are also available.


Engine oil brand use

Lube service

4 Liters engine oil + Oil Filter + Labor

Lube service

More than 4 Liters @ additional per liters engine oil


GP Gold Semi Synthetic


RM 25.00 per liter


GP Platinum Fully Synthetic 5W-40

RM 180.00

RM 35.00 per liter



Semi Synthetic

RM 180.00

RM 35.00 per liter


Petronas fully Synthetic 5W-40 3000 E

RM 245.00

RM 70.00 per liter

If my car requires less than 4 litres of engine oil, do I get a discount?

No. The balance of unused engine oil will be given to you.

How long does the car servicing take?

Approximately 30 minutes.

Are your mechanics certified?

Yes, with a minimum of 5 years’ experience and Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia certification.

How soon can the mechanic come over after my booking?

2 business days. We will get in touch with you if there are earlier slots.

What is the servicing time?

8am – 7pm (Business day)

9am – 4pm (MCO Business day)

What are the servicing locations available?

This service is available in Klang Valley, Johor Bahru and Pulau Pinang for locations within 30km radius of:

  1. Klang Valley – MYEG Tower, Damansara Perdana
  2. Johor Bahru – MYEG Office, Setia Tropika
  3. Pulau Pinang – MYEG Office, Jalan Rangon
  4. Seberang Perai – MYEG Office, Butterworth.

For locations exceeding 30km radius, a surcharge of RM 2.00 per km will be imposed. (Please note that locations exceeding our radius, it will be subject to the availability of mechanics and serviceable locations)

Do you also provide car servicing on weekends?


Can I add on other services?

Yes. Additional services are available and must be confirmed during the booking.

What are the methods of payment available?

All online payment via credit card, debit card and online transfer.

Can I pay cash after the service is performed?

No. We only accept online payment.

When do I need to make the payment?

All payment must be made during the booking.

If due to unforeseen circumstances my car did not go through the service, can I get a refund?

We guarantee full refunds for all cancellations done before 24 hours of the service.

Is there any other requirements from the customer during the servicing?

Other than landed properties of residential locations, customers will be required to obtain the necessary approvals from their respective condominium / building / office management in order to perform the service.

Auto Service Installment FAQ

What is this Auto Service Financing about?

Auto Service Financing (Service Car Now, Pay Later) is an unsecured financing facility and is Shariah compliant. It is solely for auto service purposes as the
approved amount will be disbursed to the workshop partner where you service the vehicle. The facility is calculated based on a fixed profit rate resulting in
fixed instalment throughout the selected tenor. Now you can pay instalment to repair your car and extend payment up to 12 months.

What is the Shariah concept applicable?

Auto Service Financing is based on the Shariah concept of Commodity Murabahah via Tawarruq, which consist of two separate sale and purchase contracts:
  • Sale of a Shariah-compliant commodity by Direct Lending to you (as buyer) on a deferred basis (i.e. instalment), where the sale price of the commodity is the acquisition cost plus agreed profit margin (Murabahah); and
  • Sale of the same commodity by you (as seller) to a third party on a cash and spot basis (forthe purpose of obtaining the funds to service your car with MyAssist).

What are the documents required to apply for this financing?

Other than filling in basic personal details, we only require the following two documents:
  • Photos of NRIC (front and back); and
  • Bank statement in the past 3 months (main account that receives income such as salary).

Who is eligible for this financing?

It is open to Malaysiansaged between 18 –65 years old. You must have an onlinebankingaccount. A credit card is NOT mandatory.

How long does it take for the financing to get approved?

It takes seconds to know your pre-qualified results based on your credit profile and you will be notified (via WhatsApp) by Direct Lending of your final approval result as fast as 15 minutes (during working hours) after submitting the complete documentation.

When can I get the car repair or service after my financing application has been approved?

Once receiving the pre-approval, you could use the facility within 2 weeks. Understanding how much you need to pay through instalment to service your car; you can start planning and book an appointment with MyAssist or visit any MyAssist workshoppanel. You can also apply at the MyAssist workshoppanelafter finding out you may need more funding for the car repair, we will provide pre-approved results as fast as 15 minutes (during working hours).

What do I get from this product?

Financing Amount: RM300 –RM5,000
Instalment Period: 3 / 6 / 9 / 12 months
Profit Rate: Up to 1.5% per month
*¹ depending on customer’s credit profit

What are the fees and charges do I have to pay?

A once-off RM30 Wakalah Fee will be charged and added to your first instalment payment amount, payable by you during online checkout process

Do I need to go to the financier’s office to sign the contract?

No, it will be done digitally through your mobile phone after the service is completed and when you decided to use the pre-approved facility.

Do I need a guarantor or collateral?

The facility does not require any guarantor or collateral.

How will the financing be disbursed?

The financier will disburse directly to MyAssistwithin 3 days after the agreement being signed to pay for your car service or repair bill. In the event the financing amount is insufficient to cover your entire bill, you are required to pay the balance of payment to MyAssist orMyAssist workshop panel directly prior to collection of your car.

How do I pay the monthly payment plan?

Prior to signing the financing agreement on Direct Lending’s platform, you will set up the eMandate to allow auto-debit from your bank account from a licensed financial institution in Malaysia. The monthly payment plan will be deducted from this account on the payment due dates as stated in the financing agreement.

What happens if I am late at my payments?

If you fail to make any monthly instalments or pay any other amount payable when due, you shall pay the late payment charge of 8% per annum (consists of a compensation / Ta’widh (1%) and a penalty / Gharamah (7%) that will be channeled to charitable bodies).
The late payment charge will not be compounded.

What if I fully settle the financing before its maturity?

You can make an early settlement before the expiry of the Instalment tenure, by giving 1-week prior written notice to Direct Lending. A rebate for early settlement on the remaining deferred profit may be granted to you.

What is this partnership between MyAssist and Direct Lending about?

MyAssist has partnered with Direct Lending to offer this Auto Service Financing, where MyAssist’s users are able to pay for their car repair or service bill via an instalment plan.

Whois Direct Lending?

Direct Lending founded in 2016 as a digital financing marketplace which enables borrowers to find, apply and receive financing that best suits them in a safe and affordable manner. It obtained a credit community (moneylending) license from Ministry of Housing and LocalGovernment (KPKT) in 2021.
In March 2022, it launched the Shariah-compliant financing for car owners to pay for their car repairs or service through instalment plan

What services does MyAssist provide?

MyAssist offers assistance by coordinating and managing car repairs through our panel workshop or utilizing our in-house technicians to service your vehicle until it is fully ready for use.

What services can be used under this Auto Service Financing?

The services available for Auto Service Financing include regular maintenance service, breakdown service, flooded repair, body & paint, vehicle accessories, new tyre change and more.

Why my application is being rejected?

As a responsible financier, it’s important for us to consider the financial well-being of our customers as we don’t want this application add additional financial burden to our customers, which goes against our commitment to their financial health. Each application will be given a careful review, and the common rejection reasons includes lower credit score, highercommitment or payment pattern of existing loan/financing.

What can I do if my application is rejected?

You are still able to service your car, payment must be made by cash or online payment.
Online payment can be made via account number below:
Account No.: 2121-70000-68536

What happens next should I agree to accept the offer?

Should you agree to proceed with this instalment plan, please simply reply to Direct Lending’s WhatsApp or inform MyAssist.
A checkout link will be sent to your WhatsApp to complete the online checkout process (see next question for more information) via Direct Lending.

What is online checkout process?

To utilize the approved instalment plan to pay for your takafulmotor, you will need to follow the steps on the screen to complete: (1) confirm final amount; (2) make first instalment payment & set up auto debit & (3) sign facility agreement via OTP.

How can I access or apply for this Auto Service Financing?

You can access or apply Auto Service Financing by calling MyAssist Team at +603 7664 8088, WhatsApp us at +6017 228 5752 or scan the QR code to chat with our service advisor.
You can apply for this Auto Service Financing via a unique application link to be provided by MyAssist.

Nationwide Coverage

With our fleet of 30 and 490 panels nationwide, we will be there to assist you wherever you are in Malaysia. We even provide towing service across different states¹, so you’ll never have to worry on your road trip.


 Kuala Lumpur



 Negeri Sembilan










 Kuala Lumpur



 Negeri Sembilan









¹ Car towing across different states apply to only within the region of West Malaysia or East Malaysia.


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